Mar 2015 03

“From the Album opener, Capt Crunch, I couldn’t stop listening to it. A brain numbing Album full of power and pure, raw, in your face music. On some tracks the studio muscle silences the guitars but it is done so well that you want to throw yourself into the mosh pit and never fucking stop!”

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Mar 2015 01

“Above all else do one thing- see Super Bob live. That said, I’d pick up Killer before you have your jaw-dropped by the best current live act built post 2000.”

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Jul 2014 14

“Several weeks ago I finally had the opportunity to see the band Super Bob at Operation Rock Fest in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The buzz in the Mid-Atlantic area about this band has been loud and I was really looking forward to seeing if the positive talk was true. They only had a half hour set, but it was enough to see these guys are worth the praise they have been receiving.”

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Jul 2014 07

Team Super bob has added Drumtacs as a sponsor. This is a great product for drummers! Please take a minute to check them out!

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While you’re here, take a few minutes to check out our other amazing sponsors. Thank you!

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May 2014 22

We are very excited to announce that we are playing at the X Games in Austin Texas on June 6th! Our fans, family, and friends (all of you) helped us win in an online voting competition between several hundred bands! NOW, we have a chance to win $25K through the same competition. We are right up near the top and think we can do it with your help, once again!

This takes very little time. Less than 30 seconds! Follow the link, press on the arrow above the number, it will turn red, then you type a captcha to prove you are a “human”.

We made an eXtreme sports video in honor of the X Games! Feel free to share it with everyone you know!